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video/DVD & PAL/NTSC


Why Do I Need to Know about Videos?

     Film is slowly being recognized as a key vehicle for introducing students to the languages, literatures, cultures, and histories of the countries of Russia, Eastern Europe, and the Balkans. However, because many films from these areas may be difficult to locate, and, once located, may pose numerous challenging technical and legal questions, the use of film by educators remains somewhat limited.

     There are numerous technical and legal issues concerning videos/DVDs/VCDs, their format (PAL/SEACAM & NTSC), and their regional coding of which students, scholars, and educators of Slavic languages, literatures and cultures should be aware. This resource attempts to give information about finding films in the desired media, format, and encoding, and finding the necessary hardware to display those films. It also attempts to clarify the murky waters surrounding various media formats, regional encodings and copyright.

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