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Inserting Diacritics or Stress Marks

     There are many specialized fonts that allow you to insert diacritics or stress marks (IPA fonts, for example). However, there are also a number of Unicode fonts that generally come with Windows that also provide this option (Times New Roman, Arial, Lucinda Sans)

To enter one of the non-spacing accents in Microsoft Word:

  1. Choose "Insert," then "Symbol" from the menu
  2. Under the "Font" drop-down menu, choose one of the Unicode fonts listed above
  3. Under the "Subset" drop-down menu, choose "Combining Diacritical Marks"
  4. Select the desired symbol and click "Insert"

To save time, create a shortcut key for diacritics you use frequently (by clicking the "shortcut key" button and assigning a shortcut key). (


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