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Prospective Employers
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Internet, Email & Encodings
Webpage/Courseware Creation
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Email Issues & Solutions
Internet Searching Primer
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Acquiring Videos/DVDs

Video Glossary
Regional Codings Revealed!
Formats (PAL/NTSC)
Copyright Basics
Fair Use & Other Exemptions
What is Protected?
Finding Copyright Holders
Copyright Issues for Media
Teaching & the TEACH Act
Key Resources
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Catalogs, Databases & Indexes
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Finding Translations
Maps & Statistics
Select Web Resources
Search Strategies
Boolean logic 101
Good Google/Bad Google
Getting to Know Metadata
Primary & Secondary Sources
Scholary vs. Popular Sources
Citation Styles
The Art of Browsing
Transliteration History
Major Systems
Ttransliteration Practice
Bibliography & Links
Translit Primer & Cheat Sheet
Russian/Soviet Leaders
Chronology of Soviet History
Russian Authors & their Works
Chronology Bibliography
Reading Lists
Linguistic Proficiencies

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      Many library colleagues & Slavic scholars have helped in supplying the content for this site. I have tried to give credit where due. Any inaccuracies or mistakes are mine alone. The site is intended to be a collaborative effort. Suggestions concerning the content, design, navigability, or philosophy of the site are always welcome (and new content even more so). If you have suggestions, content or links you would like to contribute, please contact me at the email below (or click on the link and fill in a web form).

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