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Curriculum vitae vs Resumé

     Each field has its own idea of what a good resumé looks like, and your job application materials should fulfill the requirements and expectations of the employers in your field of expertise. For example, those seeking a position in higher education should provide a longer narrative resume called a curriculum vitae (c.v.) that details teaching, research, and publishing experience. This differs considerably from the concise resumé one submits to a potential employer in the business world, who needs to see at a glance what you can contribute to the position.

Getting Started 

     Your academic advisor should be the first person you consult, particularly as concerns your coursework and campus activity and how it might be incorporated into your list of qualifications.

      At the U of A, the University of Arizona Department of Career Services provides assistance with all aspects of the job search, including writing your resume or curriculum vitae. Walk-in career counseling and resume workshops are just some of the services they provide. Most universities have similar counseling services and workshops.

CV Writing Resources    

     The Chronicle of Higher Education provides an annual column "The CV Doctor," which provides sample curricula vitae for a number of academic fields and suggestions on how they might be improved. To see past columns, visit the following links:

     More information on the curriculum vitae (what it is, what it should look like, sample c.v.s) can be accessed at: http://jobsearch.about.com/library/blcv.htm.

     Sample resumes and valuable resume writing tips may be found at: http://www.collegegrad.com/resumes/resumes.shtml.

     JobStar provides information on the curriculum vitae: (http://jobstar.org/tools/resume/res-cv.cfm), resumes: (http://jobstar.org/tools/resume/index.cfm), and cover letters: (http://jobstar.org/tools/resume/cletters.cfm).

     There are also print and video resources that can guide you through the job search process. The University of Arizona Career Information Center has a library of books and videos organized according to your job interests and field of specialization. Check out the website at http://www.career.arizona.edu/ that allows you to search their library, or visit their office at Old Main, Lower Level, Room 104, Monday-Friday from 8:30 - 4:30.

     The Chronicle of Higher Education provides a list of recommended books for academic job seekers at http://chronicle.com/jobs/bookshelf.htm?side.

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