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copyright issues for media


Copyright and Multimedia Law for Webbuilders and Multimedia Authors
      Karla Tonella's fabulous gateway to information on copyright for web and multimedia authors. The site gives links to explanatory articles, legal rulings, organizations involved in copyright, and "hardcore" copyright documents: the actual texts of national and international copyright law.

      ALA's explication of and links to information on the TEACH Act, which allows for expanded use of media for distance learning.

Copyright Resources on the Internet
      A terrific, annotated list of web resources for information on copyright. Put together by the Groton Public Schools (in Connecticut), it is superior to what most large universities offer their students and faculty on copyright.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation
      An organization focused on "defending freedom in the digital world." Their online article "An Intellectual Property Primer for Multimedia and Web Developers," despite being written in 1996, is still a nice place to start.

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