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     Budding scholars often make the mistake of not letting others' research work do their work for them by consulting subject bibliographies and the indexes and bibliographies of cannonical texts. Bibliographies can be invaluable in helping you get up to speed in a new area of study.

To locate subject bibliographies not listed below, you can use your library catalog or Worldcat.

  1. If available, use your catalog's "guided keyword" or "advanced keyword search" feature.
  2. In one box, search the subject field for the keyword "bibliographies" (often by selecting "Subject" from an adjacent drop-down menu) and a keyword of your choosing (for example, you might try "Pushkin" or "Architecture," depending on the type of bibliography you are looking for).
  3. As you find relevant bibliographies, look at the subject headings used in the bibliographic record, and change your search terms as needed. (For example, you may find that you initially searched for "Ulianov", but that the LC Subject Heading is "Lenin, Vladimir Ilich, 1870-1924").
  4. You may want to do this search using one of the Union Lists and then request any items your library doesn not own through your library's InterLibrary Loan service.

Key Print Bibliographies

Select Online Bibliographies (and some Archives)

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