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Why Reading Lists?

     What are the central texts, concepts and thinkers with which any Slavic scholar should be familiar? This is a more difficult question than it seems, especially for new graduate students. As the field changes, so does the requisite knowledge and skills required to be a productive member. While required reading lists for various levels of study are an imperfect way to chart this changing set of skills and knowledge (they are often incomplete, outdated, padded, or available only to members of the department), they are one of the few tangible means we have. A better indicator would be the kinds of questions asked on MA and PhD written and oral exams. Alas, these are even more difficult to come by than reading lists.

Send Me Your Lists!

     I strongly encourage departments to send me their reading lists. I will gladly put them in HTML format and update them whenever they need to be modified. Contact me at 520.621.991 or if you have questions.

M.A. & Ph.D Reading Lists


Other Lists

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