This site attempts to ascertain & enunciate many of the core competencies students & scholars of Slavic need to be productive in the field ... more?
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     This site attempts to take both a broader and a more focused look at the idea of information literacy. It seeks to ascertain and enunciate the core literacies or competencies students and scholars of Slavic are expected to demonstrate (or at least possess) in order to be productive members of the field. It focuses on those literacies and competencies that are often taken for granted, but which must be acquired outside of the usual scholarly or educational channels (especially the professional, technology, and library literacies).

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      Many library colleagues and Slavic scholars have helped in supplying the content for this site. I have tried to give credit where credit is due. Though site is intended to be a collaborative effort, any inaccuracies or mistakes are mine alone. Suggestions concerning the content, design, navigability, or philosophy of the site are always welcome. If you have suggestions, content or links you would like to contribute, please contact me by clicking on the email listed below.

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