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Current & Past Projects* (in no particular order)

ASEEES Committee on Libraries and Information Resources Distinguished Service Award — Established in 2010, this occasional award is intended to recognize ASEEES member librarians, archivists or curators whose contributions to the field of Slavic, East European and Eurasian studies librarianship have been especially noteworthy or influential.  The effect of their contributions may be the result of continuous or distinguished service to the profession, but may also be the result of extraordinarily active, innovative or collaborative work that deserves national recognition. For more information about the award, or to nominate a colleague for this award, visit our awards page.

Sources for Slavic & East European Library Materials Database — This database was created by the Collection Development Subcommittee in 2005.


Collection Overlap Analysis Project — Ongoing project being carried out by the Collection Development Subcommittee. The committee is exploring the use of OCLC's new Collection Analysis software (as well as other tools) to better understand the relative strengths of our Slavic & East European collections as well as to idenify potential areas for collaborative collection development partnerships. Link Pending.

Collection Management Practices, Policies & Responsibilities Survey — This survey, conducted in Spring 2007, documented the collection management practices, policies and responsibilities among Slavic librarians and Slavic & East European collections around the country. We hope that the results will facilitate collaborative relationships and provide Slavic librarians with good data with which to influence their administrations. Academic Institutions Data : Language Overlap

ABSEEES Overlap Comparison — Jon Giullian conducted a brief comparison of coverage among ABSEES, JSTOR, MLA and Academic Search Premier. Giullian mentioned that he thought it was important to have objective data on the value of ABSEES to the field. He distributed a table of statistics and results which show that duplicate coverage between ABSEES and the other databases mentioned above is relatively low (ASP = 33%, JSTOR = 5%, MLA = 40%). IK pointed out that ABSEES also does book reviews and abstracts while MLA does not. ABSEES duplicates coverage with Academic Search Premier only for 33% of titles. In general, this survey shows that ABSEES is still a valuable tool for the Slavic profession. See the Excel Spreadsheet here: ABSEES Overlap Comparison

Book Inflation Figures Project — Wook Jin Cheun, of the Collection Development Subcommittee, has brought together and annotated a number of key online and print resources for tracking Russian book inflation figures. Link Pending

Gifts/Faculty Donations — Created by Karen Rondestvedt and member of the Collection Development Subcommittee, this webpage provide librarians with information on how to deal with faculty gifts/donations.

Currency Comparision Chart — Also created by Karen Rondestvedt, this chart provides information on the changing value of the currencies of Eastern European & the Former Soviet Union (and the Euro) vis a vis the U.S. Dollar (for 2005-2007).

Slavic Librarians' Workshops — Offered each year at UIUC, these workshops cover a variety of topics, recently dealing primarily with textual encoding and other topics around using digital materials.

Slavic Digital Projects FAQ Page — Originally created by the Subcommitte for Digital Projects, the information on this page has been moved into the Digital Slavist Wiki.

Digital Slavist Wiki — A product of the Subcommitte on Digital Projects, this wiki was created to give specialists in the field, including librarians, scholars, research programmers, software developers, and digital project managers, an opportunity to contribute and build upon their knowledge and experience in humanities and social sciences computing. Hosted and managed by Miranda Remnek through UIUC.

The Inventory of Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Digital Projects — Created in 2003 by the Subcommittee for Digital Projects and served and managed by Miranda Remnek through UIUC, this database provides metadata and other information about Slavic, East European and Eurasian digital projects worldwide.

Bibliography of Materials for Education & Awareness of Copyright in Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union — This website, created by the Subcommittee on Copyright Issues and served from the University of Arizona, provides references to print and online resources for those interested in Copyright issues associated with the Former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe.

Copyright Assistance Project — Provided by Janice Pilch and the members of the Subcommittee on Copyright Issues, this service has provided answers to more than 50 copyright questions a year since 2004. Queries should be directed to Janice Pilch at or another member of the Subcommittee on Copyright Issues.

Open Access White Paper — Spearheaded by Kevin Hawkins, of the Digital Projects Subcommittee, this white paper lays out the major issues every Slavic Librarian should know about the open access movement. Link Pending

AAASS Digital Resources Workshops for Faculty — Established in 2001, these (usually) biennial workshops serve as an opportunity for Slavic scholars to learn more about library and information resources in a hands-on environment.

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*An attempt has been made to limit this list to new projects or initiatives, rather than ongoing work (such as the indexing and managing done by ABSEES or the selection and coordination of microfilm projects done by SEEMP).