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ASEEES Committee on Libraries and Information Resources Distinguished Service Award

Purpose: Established in 2010, this occasional award is intended to recognize ASEEES member librarians, archivists or curators whose contributions to the field of Slavic, East European and Eurasian studies librarianship have been especially noteworthy or influential.  The effect of these contributions may be the result of continuous or distinguished service to the profession, but may also be the result of extraordinarily active, innovative or collaborative work that deserves national recognition.

Eligibility: Any ASEEES member who holds, or has recently held an appointment as a librarian, archivist or curator at a public, academic or national library, archive or museum.*

Award: The recipient will be recognized at the ASEEES Awards event at the annual national convention.

Selection criteria:  

Nomination Guidelines:


This is an occasional award that is made only if the Distinguished Service Selection subcommittee finds that there is clear need for the award.  Nominations may come at any time during the year, but will be solicited annually by the CLIR Chair in April.  Outside nominations received after June 1 will not be considered until the following year.  The Selection Subcommittee will conclude their deliberations prior to September 1st. Awards will be presented by the CLIR Chair at the ASEEES National Convention and reported in the National Convention program and in the October Issue of NewsNet.

Distinguished Award Selection Subcommittee Composition:

Members at Large are elected for a 3 year term.  An online ballot including all members of the CLIR executive committee and its subcommittees will be voted on by ASEEES librarians, archivists & curators in January.  The first members at large (for 2010) will serve only a 1 year term.  Beginning in January 2011, the election of members at large will coincide with the beginning of the new CLIR Chair’s term.  Should a member at large have to resign their position at any time in their 3 year term, the CLIR chair will select a replacement.  Should a standing member of the Selection subcommittee be nominated for the award, the CLIR chair will select a replacement Selection subcommittee member for that year’s deliberations. The standing CLIR chair is not eligible to receive this award during his/her term.

*The standing chair of the Committee on Libraries and Information Resources is not eligible for this award during his/her term.